How to travel light for a weekend getaway.

Packing (and unpacking) can be a tedious and boring task.

Every so often you find that we always forget something even after checking and counter-checking, or carrying more than necessary just in case of an emergency.

I have been a victim of these incidences and have since found an easy way of remembering everything I need for my weekend getaways.I took a photo of the contents of my back,then refer to it every time I pack.

The quick essentials are:

  • Personal Effects/clothing- Always have a smaller pouch to put in all your stuff, do not just throw them in the main bag. These would include toothbrush,toothpaste, body lotion,face cream,sunscreen,a deodorant a small towel or Leso.If you are going from Friday to Sunday,you can have one pair of jeans, a pair of shorts,tights for sleeping and three T-shirts as well.Normally, I wear the jeans on Friday, the shorts on Saturday and the same Jeans on Sunday (hahaha repeat tactic). You will also need socks, a jacket,a warm scarf,and a Maasai shuka(they are very warm and are perfect for covering yourself at night when it gets cold).
  • Shoes-You need a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes you will be wearing on Friday(departure day). So make sure you wear very comfortable shoes. I would suggest canvas shoes(Tomy, NorthStar, Converse amongst others.) Remember these will be the same shoes you will be wearing in case there will be a nature walk or game drive.
  • Camera– Here you can use a camera, your iPad, or phone. Its very important to document or keep your memories so you can show your friends and family who are anxious about your trip, or just keep them for future reference and memories. Whatever you carry for taking photos, always ensure you have enough memory. If you can, carry an extra battery pack , chargers or power bank.
  • Wallet-This seems obvious but its actually not. Always carry your wallet. Make sure it has your identification card, your emergency contact person’s name and number, and your blood group clearly written on a card inside your wallet. Also, always have some loose cash for tips, or buying  souvenirs from the locals and finally for emergency just in case you can not use your card to make payments during your trip.

These are the contents of my backpack for my weekend getaway.

Things to carry for your weekend getaway.
Things to carry for your weekend getaway.

Have I forgotten something? hit me up on the comment section. Remember if you are going for camping, and your host campsite is not providing tents, you will add tents and sleeping bags to the above list.

Happy packing 🙂

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