Matuiku City

Located in Nakuru County, Rongai Constituency, lies the beautiful Matuiku ‘City’. This is not your typical kind of city characterized by sky scrapers, scores of people in their daily hustle and bustle, honks and screeches here and there, preachers, beggars, city council askaris, and the likes, no, Matuiku ‘City’..

is quite the opposite. There is nothing urban at all in this city. If anything, it rests in the beautiful hills and bushes of the Matuiku village.

It is small, cool, and uninhabited; made up of numerous soil outcrops, steep cliffs and shallow valleys. The name ‘Matuiku City’ was given to it by the residents of the area a long time ago because of the uniqueness and sophistication of its outstanding features.


Matuiku City is made up gullies that were formed by running water that eroded sharply into the soil on a hillside. This easily happened because the hillside was cleared of vegetation.

This place is ideal to visit when it is dry. Its spectacular outcrops, caves, small valleys are sights to behold. There are occasional surface run offs that join to form tiny streams of water which seep and dribble their way through the tiny bushes and rocks as they lazily find their way downstream.

The excitement that kicks in once you see all this beauty is unexplainable. Videographers, photographers, writers, nature lovers, and people in search of beautiful places can have a field day in this city. For bibliophiles, this can be good place to take time off and finish that book.

matuiku City

Another thing not to miss in this place is the heart warming view of the alluring sunset. The sun majestically sinks behind the horizon but daylight will still linger in the air as if accidentally left behind.The next time you visit Nakuru County, Kindly Include Matuiku city as one of the top ten places to too see while there.

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    Loice warinda - February 9, 2016

    Equally very beautiful

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    Bonita - February 9, 2016

    Thank you Loice ?

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