Hotel Review: Sleeping Warrior Lodge.

Sleeping warrior lodge is  a beautiful, discrete, lodge in Elementaita of Nakuru County inside Soysambu Conservancy  and is owned by the Delamere Family.

It will take you approximately an hour or slightly less to get to the lodge off the Nakuru Nairobi highway from a place called Kikopey, which is roughly 30km to Nakuru town.

The route to the lodge is a long, dusty meandering road. If you are not keen, chances of getting lost along the way are very high thanks to the not so good signage to the lodge. Also, a 4 x 4 wheel drive will be the most ideal to access the place. However, when you get to the lodge you quickly forget the bumpy ride uphill, thanks to the breathtaking view of the floor of the great rift valley.

Part of the rough terrain as seen from the lodge

My Verdict.

1.The Staff

Friendly. My favorite being the swimming pool attendant. You can tell he wasn’t trying so hard to impress clients. He is a natural. The owner of the establishment is very hands on too, interacting with the clients here and there, welcoming them and finding out if they are enjoying their stay.

Verdict: 7/10


The fact that we were not asked what we would like to eat was a deal breaker for me. However the explanation given was that we checked in late (4:00 pm) so we had to eat what the chef had prepared.

The three course meal was OK, nothing extra ordinary to write home apart from the soup that I thoroughly enjoyed, then waiters who were very attentive and within reach during meal time.

The dining area was clean, candle lit, and the tables were set appropriately. The fire place on a cold night made it more cozy,warm and homely.

Dining area.
Dining area.

Verdict: 5/10 for food.

7/10 for the attentive waiters.


The cottages were definitely up to my expectations. Spacious, clean, warm, well thought of interior decor, matching color scheme, comfy rags and throws, wide windows, strategic  location to enjoy a panoramic view of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Elementaita from far, the sleeping warrior dormant volcano,and a magical sunset.

The cottage
One of the cottages.


Inside the cottage.
Inside the cottage.


Sleeping warrior
Sleeping Warrior as viewed from the cottage.
Sunset… from the cottages patio.


view outside the cottage
The beautiful raised patio.


Other cottages
Other cottages

The only thing that I felt was a let down was the bathtub and lack of appropriate toiletries.. A modern ceramic tub with lavender(my favorite) scented shower gels,shampoos and soap would have given the cottage story a happy ending.

Verdict: 7.5/10

Last but not least…

4.The infinity Swimming pool.

If you ask me the one reason that would make me want to go back to sleeping warrior…then that will be the swimming pool. It might not be as big as it appears in the photos, nor warm (at the time I was swimming, however, I am told they usually heat it up on request)  but the feeling you get of swimming on top of the world can not be compared to anything else at all. Every other thing stands right beneath you!

I can’t possibly put a number to that amazing feeling you get when up there. It is priceless.

Verdict: 8/10 purely because of the location ,shape of the pool and the priceless feeling derived from the swimming experience.

swimming pool
See what I am saying?


The Swimming pool
The Swimming pool.


The food could be better followed by an option to choose what you would like to eat, a warmer pool would be best,proper sign posts for directions  to the lodge would make the ride to the lodge even better for first timers.

Overall verdict: 7.5/10.

Do I recommend Sleeping warrior? Oh yes.

Rates:  A total of Ksh 10,000 per person sharing (USD 100) full board.

I encourage you to: Call and know the prevailing rates because the receptionist told me it goes to Ksh 15,000 per person sharing a night on full board sometimes.

Other Attractions…

You can visit Lake Elementaita which is visible from the lodge, go for a game drive in the surrounding R0ysambu Conservancy or Lake Nakuru National park or visit Nakuru town.

On your way out of the lodge, you will see a variety of wild animals. I heard the guides say they saw a pack of eight lions that evening. So if wildlife is your thing… be sure to visit the place!

So,have you been to sleeping warrior before? Please share your experience in the comment section below with other readers to help them plan their safari better!

Till the next post…it’s a wrap!

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With Love…Bonita.




39 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Sleeping Warrior Lodge.

  1. Reply
    Lindah - June 18, 2016

    WOOOOOW!I LOVE IT! definitely putting it on my list

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 18, 2016

      Hey Linda… Thanks! You will sure have a good time!

  2. Reply
    Sandra - June 18, 2016

    Wow! These places are beautiful I can’t wait to visit them. You are a talented photographer my dear.

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 18, 2016

      Hey Sandra ??. Thank you for passing by… I try to take photos ??.I hope you get to visit these places!

  3. Reply
    Dancan - June 18, 2016

    Awesome piece. Definitely looking to give it a try! Lovely pics too!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 18, 2016

      Thanks you so much. It worth a visit.

  4. Reply
    Derrick - June 18, 2016

    Wonderful, just wonderful!!
    Taking my girlfriend and Mum.
    Just Amazing!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 18, 2016

      That is so thoughtful of you. I am sure they will like it. Hope they enjoy their stay!

  5. Reply
    Jennifer - June 18, 2016

    That pool, and the view, Perfect.

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 18, 2016

      Hey Jennifer good to see you here! I agree with you completely.The view from the pool is perfect.

  6. Reply
    Katy Anyango - June 18, 2016

    My best is pool!!! I love it, I love the pics too and I most definitely wanna go there!! Good job Bonnita

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 18, 2016

      Katy…the pool is amazing! thanks 🙂 .I know you will love it there.

  7. Reply
    Katy Anyango - June 18, 2016

    *the pool*

  8. Reply
    Corrine Achieng - June 18, 2016

    Aweeesome, ive never had such a pool experience this is the heaven ive been seeking, just amazing!!!!!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 18, 2016

      Corrine, I know they will have to bring an earth mover to pull you out of the pool! Thanks.

  9. Reply
    Bryan Omoto - June 18, 2016

    My bucket list is already full with places I need to visit but this one is something else. 🙂

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      I know Bryan. Kwanza that pool… Make a point!

  10. Reply
    kelvin - June 18, 2016

    wow, Bonita you just have a thing for details, definitely worth sharing!!!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Kelvin Thanks …I appreciate the love. Thanks for sharing ??

  11. Reply
    Anonymous - June 18, 2016

    Wooow!!! amaizing!!!i’ll
    make sure to visit it..

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Thank you!…Please let me know how it goes…

  12. Reply
    sylvia achieng - June 18, 2016

    I have one word for you..excellent!!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Thank you Sylvia ??

  13. Reply
    Daisy Cheptoo - June 18, 2016

    Good work Bonnita…we’ll surely visit the place with my family..that pool..wacha tu..

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Thank you Daisy… All the best as you plan to visit.The pool…amazing.

  14. Reply
    Muiruri - June 18, 2016

    The pool!! Breathtaking…

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Totally!!! I agree with you.

  15. Reply
    Dan Makori - June 18, 2016

    That pool is breathtaking. That place seems so quiet. Lovely place to visit with your better half.
    Bonnie congratulations on the great job you’re doing, one of these fine days I’ll make sure to tag along.
    Keep up the great work, kudos!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Thanks Dan. You got it right,it is really nice for couples. Will keep updating you on fun places to visit. Cheers!

  16. Reply
    J - June 18, 2016

    That pool! I would want to get in despite the fact I can’t swim to save my own skin. The outdoors, the plains, the hills, everything is just breathtaking. Keep up the really great work & possibly make tourists out of us all. ?

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Thanks J… I will come for you in my next trip! Will make sure swimming will be part of the trip. Get ready.

  17. Reply
    CYNTHIA NOELLER - June 18, 2016

    Weee weee that swimming pool! Awesome. It’s a good place to visit with family after a long week. Lovely serene I guess madame photographer. You would have tagged me along yaye! Good job keep it up.

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 19, 2016

      Thanks Cynthia. Next time I am tagging you along.Thanks ?

  18. Reply
    Myra - June 20, 2016

    I live for such sigh!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - June 22, 2016

      I know Myra! Sigh…

  19. Reply
    Isaac - October 5, 2016

    Boni Bonitaaa..Kisoi apa..napenda ii kazi yako sana…naona places sijakanyagaga mpaka sasa nichangamke

    1. Reply
      Bonita - October 5, 2016

      Izzzzoooo ulipotelea wapi??? Thanks for stopping by ??. I am happy you find the posts useful…Nitazidi kukuchangamsha!

  20. Reply
    Lydia - November 21, 2016

    Will be looking at your blog for a vacation destination……good job thanks for doing all the work for us 🙂

    1. Reply
      Bonita - December 5, 2016

      Thanks stopping by Lydia ??

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