Bien-Aime Baraza- The Traveler.


This month Bonita On Safari is happy to feature Bien-Aime Baraza of Sauti Sol; one of leading Afro pop bands in Africa. The group recently concluded their nationwide tour to promote their third album: Live and die in Afrika, which was a huge success. I had a one on one with him and pleasantly learnt that despite his undying love for music he is also an ardent traveler.

Below is our conversation about his travel escapades.

Q. Who is Bien-Aime Baraza?

A. A musician who just wants to be loved, see the world and be understood.

Q. How old were you when you first traveled alone?
A. I was 22.

Q.Which was the first country you traveled to outside Kenya and how old were you then?
A. Ethiopia. I was 20.

Q.What is it about travelling that you like most?
A.Meeting different people, learning more about other cultures, food and women.

Q. How many countries have you visited so far?
A.I lost count. I’m on my third passport.

Q. Apart from music related travels do you take your time off and travel by yourself?
A. Rarely. Music makes me travel so much i end up just wanting to chill when I have free time.

Q. What was the last city you traveled to and when?
A. Jo’burg, a month ago.

Q.How does Kenya compare to the other countries you have been to in relation to travel and tourism?
I feel like Kenya has a lot to offer but we have a major branding issue. Kenya has the best of everything. We have wildlife, beaches, scenery, the Maasai (a symbol global of African heritage). Also Kenya is damn expensive as compared to other countries.

Q.Seeing as you have traveled widely, what would you suggest in regards to ways we can increase Kenya’s visibility as a tourism and business hub to the rest of the world?
A. Better PR strategies must be implemented by government. Brand Kenya must market Kenya properly globally. I recently attended the world expo in Milan and the Kenyan stand left a lot to be desired.
Corruption needs to stop and proper budgeting and accountability must be done for the sector. We should invest in infrastructure and human resource for the betterment of the sector.Finally, the Government must assure security to our visitors. Kenya’s tourism industry has been hit hard by terrorism.

Q. What is the one thing you can never go one a trip without?

Q.What would you say has been the biggest culture shock during your travels?
A. Watching the gay pride parade in Amsterdam. I was not ready

Q. What don’t you like most about frequent travel?
A.I hate sitting down for long. It cramps my back.

Q. Have you ever lost anything important during one of your trips?
A.All the time. I left my phone in a hotel room in Lagos, then I left my watch in america, my speakers! I just keep losing stuff.

Q. What has been your favorite travel experience so far?
A. I cant really tell. Every destination has its own magic.

Q.How do you deal with language barriers?
A.I just learn the core words; Hello? How much? What’s your name? Can I have your number? Are you single?…

Q. Do you ever find time to be a tourist during your official trips?
A.Yes and No. Sometimes it gets a bit hectic. But usually I do get time to go out and sample the different cultures.

Q. Do you have any tips and tricks you would like to share with other travelers?
A. Yes. Just because a woman is not wearing a ring it does not mean she is single.

Q. What is your favorite travel destination and why?
A. Diani for the amazing beaches and Durban for the strong mix of modern architecture and beach life.

Q. Where would you say is your dream destination and why?
A. South America. It has a perfect cocktail of beach, music and beautiful people.

Q. Apart from Kenya… (hahaha) which other country would you say has beautiful women…
A. Rwanda.

Well, there you go! Now you know Bien-Aime the traveler.



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    Bryan Omoto - July 13, 2016

    I ain’t saying a thing, just following.?

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      Hahaha why? Sema tu ??

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    Katy Anyango - July 13, 2016

    Interesting very interesting.Good job Bonita!!! I love it!

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      Thanks Katy!

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    Dan Makori - July 13, 2016

    I now know why ladies love this guy… quite an interesting soul, and article Bonnie. Love your job… keep it up girl. Kudos.

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      Haha…Dan. Now you know…thanks again and again for being a regular here ?

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    Selina Chiteri - July 13, 2016

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    Selina Chiteri - July 13, 2016

    Interesting read..

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      Bonita - July 14, 2016

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    Jade Wambugu - July 13, 2016

    Mmh Bien, now I know, hehe

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    Good job Bonnita! Kudos

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      Asante Clifford.

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    Myra - July 13, 2016

    Thumbs up lol core words bit cracked me up ?

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      He has a sense of humour Myra ???. I laughed too.

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    Corrine Achieng - July 13, 2016

    WEll now we know the traveller behind Bien thanks to bonita. Way to go !

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      Corrine… Thats my work ???

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

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    Anonymous - July 13, 2016

    Good work Bonnie..i now get to meet Bien-Aime the traveller thru you…

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      It is my Pleasure.

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    Anonymous - July 13, 2016

    Wonderful piece..

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    sylvia achieng - July 13, 2016

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      I knew you would Sylvia ??

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    Lydia - July 13, 2016

    WOW Boni this is such a beautiful piece. Bien wow…….I love ?
    Nice job girl ??

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      Lydia ??? Thank you for stopping by!!!

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    Cindy Kamadi - July 13, 2016

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

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    Chelangat - July 13, 2016

    Oh my God am no groupie but yoooo Bien???? ati your on your what passport now????…..Good stuff bonnie.?

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      Bonita - July 13, 2016

      Haha you are hilarious! There you heard it girl…passport number 3! Thank you ??

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    J - July 13, 2016

    But that tip & trick answer he gave; so he goes around looking at women’s fingers ?
    Nice interview B…

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      Bonita - July 14, 2016

      Lol J,Useful tip there! Thanks.

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    Maureen shikuri - July 13, 2016

    You know am a lover of your work girl,and I love this piece just like the others, great exposure. Good Bien! Ladies love him and he love the ladies.

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      Bonita - July 14, 2016

      Thanks girl!We love Bien hahaha.

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    Eva - July 14, 2016

    Nice one Boni! He’s an interesting traveller, keeps the kenyan in him everywhere he goes!!! the Milan expo bit is so enlightening man! we have to do something kenyans!!! I would also not be ready for the gay pride parade!!!!!! :0 :0

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 16, 2016

      Thanks Eva, you are right… A lot more needs to be done about branding and marketing Kenya here and abroad…
      About the gay parade…haha! I don’t mind having a look ???… Lol

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    Dennies Rono - July 14, 2016

    A nice article,good work Bonita.

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      Bonita - July 15, 2016

      Rono!!… Look who Bien has brought to the blog!!! Thank you 🙂

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    Good job

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      Bonita - July 15, 2016

      Asante 🙂

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    Kunta Kinte Annette - July 15, 2016

    I also can’t wait to loose count of the countries I have visited and be on my 10th passport ??
    This is nice.

    Thanks Bonita.

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      Bonita - July 16, 2016

      I knowwww Annette, don’t we all wish? Thanks doll…

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    Nice one Bonnita.

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    philloh - July 18, 2016

    Nice one Bonnita. Tupatane Mombasa August

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