Olkaria Geothermal Spa-Naivasha

Location: Floor of the Great Rift Valley inside Hells gate National Park.

Distance from Nairobi: About one and a half hours drive from Nairobi.(Approximately 120Km)

Accomodation: No

Restaurant: Yes

Public transport:No

Tour guide: Necessary for first timers.

Main attraction: The natural hot water spa.

Other attractions/Activities: Game viewing, camping,bird watching,sight seeing, cycling,hiking and rock climbing.

Charges: There are two charges:One is for accessing the National park as follows: Citizens;Ksh 350 for adults and Ksh250 children,Residents Ksh 700 adults and Ksh350 for children,USD 30 for adults and USD 20 for non residents.The other charge is for accessing the swimming pool area. Which is about Ksh 400.00*( please confirm with them on this).

Olkaria geothermal hot spa is a unique destination for a days trip to Hells Gate National Park or Naivasha.The facility is owned by Kenya Electricity Generating Company and is located inside the Hells gate National Park.

It is called a geothermal hot spa because of the hot water(hot steam that cools in the collecting pipes) that is collected from the various wells within the plant and emptied into the pool.The temperature of the main pool ranges between 30-40 degrees centigrade.

There is an apparent smell hydrogen sulphide gas(the smell from rotten eggs) in the pool area mainly assosiated with sulphide gas emitted during the drilling process that combines the hydrogen in the atmosphere . This however should not be  a deal breaker (hahaha because fresh air is in abundance too!)

The pool.

The hot water spa.
The pool
A closer look …

Other Pools…

Other pools, but of higher temperatures.(Not open for swimming)
Other pools, but of higher temperatures.This is where water collects and cools before it drains in the larger pool.(Not open for swimming).


The pool is big enough to accomodate people in their hundreds :-)
The pool is big enough to accomodate people in their hundreds 🙂


The restaurant.
The restaurant.

If swimming and water isn’t really your thing then no worries… you might as well take a nap and  enjoy the warm humid air from the hot steam that is vaguely in the atmosphere.

Chill and nap.
Chill and nap.


The management should have a cleaner on standby or constantly ensure that the changing room and shower’s floor is dried after use to avoid minor accidents caused by slippery/wet floor.

Also, a few minor repairs like fixing the towel holders would be great.

Overall verdict: Nice place to unwind. A must-visit destination when you visit Naivasha town or Hell’s gate National Park.









18 thoughts on “Olkaria Geothermal Spa-Naivasha

  1. Reply
    Kristen Parker - July 25, 2016

    The pool is awesome! This is definitely
    my next destination. Good job Bònità!!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 27, 2016

      Hey Kristen…good to see you here. The pool is amazing and a must visit.Hope you get to visit.

      1. Reply
        sam - June 30, 2017

        The pool is amazing Bonita

  2. Reply
    Eva - July 25, 2016

    Thanks Bonita! This is a plan especially with the current weather situation! A dip in the hot pool is just what we all need!!!!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 27, 2016

      There you have it Eva… You know the drill… Tag me in the pics ??!

  3. Reply
    Patricia - July 25, 2016

    Thank you so much for this detailed post. I have wanted to get more information about this place but never got any. This is very informative. Heading there!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 27, 2016

      It is my pleasure to give you useful information. You can subscribe to the blog btw to get the updates hot and fresh as they come Patricia…Thanks you.

  4. Reply
    Dennies Rono - July 26, 2016

    It looks wonderful and a nice place to visit.

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 27, 2016

      Thanks Dennies ??. We will continue to search till we find the perfect honeymoon spot for some people I know! ???

  5. Reply
    Myra - July 26, 2016

    I can feel the hot water massaging my back. Totally worth it plus the smell and all you get used to it ?. Turudi ?

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 27, 2016

      Myra, I know…You spent so much time in the pool. What can you say about its ability to ‘mend’ skin? ??. Did it work for you?

  6. Reply
    Kizito - July 27, 2016

    Looks very exciting. Do I need a 4×4 or my small beast can stand the terrain?

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 27, 2016

      Hahaha you are funny ???.Your small beast will definitely hack it here! Go visit… You will like it.

  7. Reply
    kelvin - July 27, 2016

    Always inspiring, vivid description, couldn’t be better.

  8. Reply
    Lydia - July 28, 2016

    WOW nice piece ? Definitely going to visit the place. Thankyou

    Love your work

  9. Reply
    Roggers - July 31, 2016

    That’s wonderful to hear ,iam interested to go to olkaria with my students,how do I go about the tour with students,pliz advise.

    1. Reply
      Bonita - July 31, 2016

      Hey Roggers, I think for educational purposes it would be great to call them in advance so they organize someone to take them around and for planning in general. This is the number they have on their facebook page…you can contact them. 0711036040. All the best!

  10. Reply

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