Golini Resort-Diani

Golini Resort-Diani

Diani in south coast Kenya is one of my favorite coastal destinations in East Africa. The long strip of white sandy beaches, clear blue sky, chilled weather, turquoise waters with small patches of sea weed here and there, the sound of sea waves crushing against the shore, not forgetting the humidity that gives a sauna feel makes the haven irresistible.

In Diani, everything is  stylish and elegant. Five star hotels, perfect infrastructure, stylish villas, international cuisines prepared by renowned chefs and world class water sports only to mention a few.

Standing majestically in the midst of all this magic is the chilled Swahili styled Golini Resort comprising of two cottages sitting on a two acre piece of land. The compound boasts of pedicured lawns, trimmed hedges, scented flowers, mature trees and a swimming pool. The resort is nothing short of beautiful.

Checking In:

Just as a home should be,warm clean and welcoming, the resort is all that and more. Graveled driveway, chlorophyllated grass, colourful flowers and an aura of comfort and calm.

The cottage.


The general plan has the master en suite, living room, well fitted kitchen, and a guest washroom  on the ground floor.

Master bedroom
Master bedroom.



kitchen 3
The Kitchen.

A personal chef is available on request. This makes for a perfect opportunity to sample coastal dishes and to maximize on that vacation feel when away from home.


sitting area
Living room.

Located between the Master bedroom and the living room is a stylish spiral staircase that leads to the other rooms upstairs.

Spiral staircase
Spiral staircase.

The rooms upstairs are nothing short of amazing, discreet and spacious. The snow white walls, huge bathroom and walk-in closet, large windows and a panoramic view of the compound  make the rooms upstairs standout.  This kind of set up is ideal for families with kids or  a small group of friends touring South Coast.

Bedroom one with two single beds.
Bedroom one with two single beds.

The other bedroom that has a single bed.

Upper bedrooms
Bedroom two with one single bed.

Bathroom and Closet…

bathroom 2
Bathroom with an excellent view of the compound and pool.


Clean tiles...
Clean tiled floors…

The other fabulous feature of this house that is impossible to ignore are the windows. Wide louvered windows  run from wall to wall ensuring natural light and fresh air in the house effortlessly.

Large windows
Large windows..

The front porch of the house opens up to a beautiful garden of flowers, trees and a pavement that leads to the swimming pool. Hanging delicately from the ceiling in the veranda is a unique hand crafted African lampshades that emphasizes the existing  sense of panache.

Front porch.


Barbecue grill in the garden


Colourful butterfly in the garden.


Peace and tranquility
Of shade and shadows.


The best part of Golini Resort is the fact that it located exactly two minutes from the sea front of Galu beach.What more could one be looking for in a coastal  holiday destination?

Galu Beach!

Golini Resort is available for both long and short stays. The property is also on sale.(If interested drop me an email at bonnita@oldsite.aluochbonnita.com for more details ).

General info:

  • Golini Resort is approximately thirty kilometers from Mombasa island via Likoni Ferry.
  • It is adjacent to Ukunda town.
  • A small airstrip called Ukunda Airport connects travelers and tourist to Mombasa, JKIA-Nairobi and Wilson airport(Nairobi). The drive from the airport to Golini Resort is approximately twenty minutes.

Places to See:

Things to do:

  • Enjoy a fresh platter of seafood at Mvureni Fisherman restaurant right at the beach front of Galu Kinondo beach.
  • Go for a dhow safari, snorkel and  scuba dive. This can be arranged by operators who are easily available at the beach.
  • Kite surf, Windsurf, SUP, kayak and try many other water sports  at H2O extreme, Kenya’s biggest water sports center.
  • Go for sky diving at Skydive Diani. Best way to overcome acrophobia.

Recommendation: Pack your bags already!












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  1. Reply
    Julliet - September 2, 2016

    Very nice piece of information…… On my next to do list

    1. Reply
      B - September 4, 2016

      Hope you get to visit Juliet!

  2. Reply
    Kunta Kinte Annette - September 3, 2016

    How much do they charge for the cottages?

    1. Reply
      B - September 4, 2016

      Annette this particular one is Ksh.25,000 a night. The bigger cottage is Ksh.30,000 a night.

  3. Reply
    Bryan Omoto - September 3, 2016

    It has this nostalgic effect.

    1. Reply
      B - September 4, 2016

      I know Bryan..

  4. Reply
    Dennies Rono - September 3, 2016

    Wonderful holiday destination.

    1. Reply
      B - September 4, 2016

      It is Rono… Remember our mission 😉

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    Anonymous - September 3, 2016


    1. Reply
      B - September 4, 2016

      It is. Thanks.

  6. Reply
    Anonymous - September 3, 2016

    Splendid, majestic, minimalist… Like it very much. How much is it going for

    1. Reply
      B - September 4, 2016

      It is all that and more… 25k a night for the small one and 30k for the big one. If you intend to buy… For just Ksh. 38M 🙂

  7. Reply
    Jamila - September 3, 2016

    photography on fleek very impressive. gotta love the cottage.

    1. Reply
      B - September 4, 2016

      Thank you Jamila :-)… You will love it there!

  8. Reply
    Karen - September 3, 2016

    Hey Bonita on Safari, Thank you so much for these posts you put up! My friends and I practically wait for you to update us on our next destination. Keep up. How much is this particular one?

    1. Reply
      Bonita - September 5, 2016

      Hey Karen, thank you so much. For rental, the small cottage goes for 25k a night the bigger one for 30k a night. I am happy I help in choosing the places you visit. Thanks.

  9. Reply
    Kristen Parker - September 3, 2016

    so picturesque..I love it! Good job Bonita!!!

    1. Reply
      Bonita - September 5, 2016

      Thanks Kristen 🙂 🙂

  10. Reply
    Rik - September 3, 2016

    Nice article right there. Vsiting Kenya in October…this place is worth considering.

    1. Reply
      Bonita - September 5, 2016

      Hey Rik, I am glad you will be visiting next month! Put it in your to visit places.

  11. Reply
    Dancun - September 4, 2016

    Totally amazing.
    You don’t dissappoint.

    1. Reply
      Bonita - September 5, 2016

      Thank you Dancun! I appreciate.

  12. Reply
    Myra - September 9, 2016

    How did I miss to read this pronto?!!! The pictures my dear, worth a thousand plus words!

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