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The Swan Place II: Nairobi’s best choice for a staycation

It is less than a dozen days to Christmas. I have exhausted all my annual leave days… we’re in the tail end of the year and virtually everyone at work has shifted their normal programming to holiday mode. This means off days too are a rarity at this juncture… But for some strange, but really pleasant reason, I strike upon luck and get me a Friday off of work. As fate would have it though, there’s always somebody lurking on the other  side of your off day… just waiting to hook you up with some other plan you’d clearly not do voluntarily. So this past weekend, I just had to sneak out… dissolve… disappear, from anyone and everyone… because a girl’s got to have some ‘me-time’ some time.

Fidget no more! The Swan Place needs no Introduction

One would think that finding a place to hide away for a weekend within the city is a breeze… but strangely, it is nothing close to it. While juggling through posts on my blog, I stumbled upon my ‘introductory trip’ to The Swan Place, courtesy of my friend Meagan’s (from Kilifi NYE). I liked the place and had promised to book a stay with them.Without hesitation, I made a call to reserve a room for the weekend.

The Swan Place I
The Swan Place I, Sitting area.
One of the bedrooms.
The Swan Place I

Twin Residence: A home experience at The Swan Place II

Surprisingly, even with most hotels and airbnb’s reporting low to zero occupancy due to the prolonged political standoff in the country, The Swan Place was fully booked for that weekend and hence they had to refer me to their other space know as The Swan Place II, on King’ara Road, Nairobi,Kenya. I needed to finish a book by Adam Grant and to just have quality personal time. Being a light traveler, all I carried with me was my backpack and my camera… Just in case I get a Kodak moment.

I did not know what to expect on the other side, but the fact that both places are under the same management, I was pretty sure the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.Getting to the Swan Place from the Nairobi CBD was as easy as boarding any matatu plying the Ngong Road route and alighting just before the Junction. After about a three minutes walk down King’ara Road and turning left to King’ara close, I was at the gate. Security was tight in the premise, and shortly after I was shown to the place.

This was it! The magnetic allure of a homely staycation reeled me in so defenselessly like a fly to a drop of honey…

Peacefully private and elegantly beautiful: Home away from home

The one thing I loved most about The Swan Place II was its ambiance. We all have those books, assignments, proposals, moments and things we were want to do  in absolute seclusion and privacy, but can’t do them in our own shared spaces or homes probably because there’ll always be someone giving you ‘the look’… At the Swan Place, I enjoyed the serene privacy of my  room without a care. In fact, I can’t remember a single time when a call or knock at my door interrupted my weekend apart from scheduled house keeping.

What  stood out for me was the option to book my own solo room or the entire space and to make my own food any time I wanted. Given that I missed out on Ugali making classes, my moments with the phone-call-away chef was a good encouragement in my three days… What and where to eat while staying at swan should be least of anyone’s worry.  It is located at a vantage point on Ngong Road where anything and everything is accessible.

My short stay was the much needed breathe of fresh air.

Nothing beat the calmness, freshness and quiet of the place.Walking bare foot on the neatly polished wooden floors, the feel of the fluffy rugs in between my toes… reading my books at the carefully accessorized balcony…was all the rest I needed. Well, and the deserving glass of wine.

Interior decor…

A naturally well  lit space with a wall to wall and floor to roof sliding glass door is always highly welcomed.

The Swan Place II

A rustic wall clock, cascading wall hanging, potted succulent  plants, colour blocked seats pillows, coffee brown furniture and an expensive looking glass coffee table made the beautiful ensemble of Swan Place II living room.

The Swan Place II
The Swan Place II

Delicately hanged right behind the L-shaped seat is a rich art life size wall hanging that sharply but elegantly contrasted with the off white wall paint colour.

A distant rosy scent lingers softly in the house imbuing an inviting urge to stay longer.

The wooden floor of the house freshly glossed gives a playful reflection of everything on top of it tickling every cleans freak’s fantasy.

A six chair dining table to the left of the sitting area, was nothing short of appetite inducing with its strategic location right in front of the fully equipped kitchen.

The hallway doesn’t disappoint either, beautiful wall pieces carefully hang on either sides of the wall,and nice animal print painted flower vase thoughtfully placed at one corner at the furthest end of the hallway.

The bedrooms, all with white bedding and a little colour splash of orange sausage pillows, and fluffy white bedside rugs sums up the basic recipe for a good night sleep.

The Balcony

I knew there was something about the colour green, but it never occurred to me how calming and relaxing it made me feel. A perfectly installed turf grass, twin clay pots of a set of three aesthetic cypress tress and grey outdoor plastic woven seats made up my best hangout place of my weekend.

I could say so much about The Swan Place II, but like they say, seeing is believing. My very first blog about The Swan Place was in the eyes of a stranger… but now, I must admit, my undisturbed weekend was something to relive… If I’m lost, missing from your radar, you now know where to find me. In as much as a picture say a thousand words, nothing beats a first hand experience. Some experiences are meant to be seen, felt and touched!

Book your next stay there, then come tell me about it.

Call +254721997953 to reserve a date.

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The Swan Place- Home away from home…

Times are changing and so is the travel and hospitality industry. Travelers are becoming more adventurous and open minded about new accommodation options while on the lookout for the best deals in town. Megan; One of the friends I met in last year’s KilifiNYE’s  was in town with her friends! She constantly inboxed me asking for places to visit and things to do during their much planned October East African trip. She was keen on  trying everything that would make them feel like locals.I still laugh whenever I remember how hard she tried to fit in by calling herself ‘dem wa Nai‘(A Nairobian chic) with a deep British accent.

Exactly a day after they arrived,she invited me to see where they were staying.

She earlier on had mentioned that they were not keen on staying at a hotel at all and had seen a homely guest house on airbnb which they all unanimously settled for. She couldn’t wait for me to check out what was to be their home for the rest of the week. Top of her requirements was a  place they could effortlessly access matatus or Nganyas

Getting to The Swan Place

A random web search and you find quite a couple of offers for home stays in Nairobi. There’s also quite a couple of airbnb listings. In most cases however, the listings hardly ever live up to what you see in their photos. So when Megan said she was checked in to a homestay, my ‘usual’ stereotype was instantly activated.

The Commute to The Swan Place was quite easy, took about 25 minutes by matatu from the city center. She picked me from the bus stop the we walk for about a minute or two to their home;The Swan Place. 

The Swan place.

Touch of elegance and class in furnishing

Walking through the doorway that led to the living room, I could have sworn my jaw must’ve hit the floor  from the pleasant surprise that awaited.Well maintained brown leather seats, matching throw pillows, a fluffy shaggy rag that sat comfortably on the polished wooden floor… and a naturally lit rooms. The house was clean and fresh and had a simple artsy interior decor. The soft toned snow white walls and the rich toned art pieces created a sharp contrast that would make any interior designer green with envy. Meagan’s house tour immediately debunked my biased airbnb myth. If anything, the photos did a lot of injustice to the swan place.

Common sitting area.
Dining area.

A steady shift in travel conventions: Home the Swan way

Now more than ever, travelers are opting out of the routine lonely and often pricier hotels and checking into shared and social homestays. Preference is mostly for conveniently located listings near major shopping malls, recreation facilities, entertainment spots and a few minutes’ drive from the city centres. The Swan Place lives up to all these considerations.It is two and a half minutes walk from the Junction shopping mall. and a four minute drive from The green house shopping mall and a five minutes drive from Prestige shopping mall. For party animals, there are quite a number of night clubs and sports bars lined up along the same road. Meagan loved brew bistro from their previous night out. She also mentioned it took them forty minutes to get to the house from the airport.

The Swan Place offers a different kind of accommodation that is getting many peoples attention. It is a home away from home. Guests get to have a more authentic experience and a chance to live like ‘locals’.

One of the four bedrooms per house.

Get in the Kitchen: Put your African Cooking skill to the test

Fully equipped kitchen.

Meagan was thrilled that the care taker had agreed to get her someone to take her to the nearby Toy market to shop for green groceries. She wanted to learn how to make ugali. The whole time I did not realize that the sheepish smile on her face meant that I was going to cook the ugali.

In addition to guests cooking for themselves, there is a resident chef, who is always happy to make finger licking food and an info booklet with restaurants that offer food delivery services.

The place has a fully equipped kitchen with a full sized refrigerator, microwave, and cooker.

Home away from home

Many people suffer homesickness when they wander out too far from their nest. When you have free wifi 24/7 at The Swan Place, home is only a click away! At the guest lounge, the Swan place offers, cable TV and on less busy days, this can be the perfect place to curl up with a book.


If you live in Kenya and in search of a place to hide away for the weekend, the swan place is your best alternative.

We sat down to enjoy pancakes and coffee made by one of Megan’s friends as I helped them create their itinerary.

Well, thanks to Megan, now I know where to hide in this city!

Tell your friends to tell their friends of this small piece of goodness on Ngong’ road.

The Swan Place also can be rented out per room. So if you are travelling alone you can pay for your room and still access the common kitchen,dining area and sitting room.

The Swan Place has two houses with identical amenities, hence don’t ever fret if you have a bigger group of   visiting friends, family or business partners.

For more info on location, availability, booking and general inquiries, check out their website. or get in touch by calling direct on +254721 997 953.

Wishing you a lovely stay.


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