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The #TurkanaOdyssey: 8 days of Xtrym fun, travel and Adventure!

Since the medieval days of the Greek empire, men have been going on voyages and unpredictable journeys. One such trip was that made by the warrior Odysseus in 10-epic years, trying to make his way home from Troy. In his tales of triumph and obstacle during the Trojan war, the warrior overcame the challenges of war, and the 10-year long journey to eventually get home. His epic journey begot the beginnings of the word ‘odyssey’, and true to its form, Xtrym Adventures has quite a plan up their sleeves for your holidays.

Why Turkana? why go Xtrym?

Just like the Greek predecessor, the #TurkanaOdyssey is bound to be a tale fit for legendary folklore. Xtrym Adventures has a reputation to go beyond the conceivable ordinary to create out-of-this-world experiences. Duncan, the congruent brains behind this outfit is arguably one of the most experienced adventurer south of the Sahara in the modern-day. His exploits include summiting  the highest peaks in Africa, having set foot on Mount Kilimanjaro more than nine times. This only translates to unmatched experienced in hiking, and the best part is, he has a sixth sense in identifying strain during the trip. This ensures all travelers of their utmost safety in the entire period. I remember summiting Mt. Kenya with Xtrym, I must attest that it hardly anything close to easy! But Xtrym made it doable.

Turkana: Rich in culture and captivating landscapes.

Categorized among the little explored Northern tourism circuit of Kenya, the Lake Turkana region is virgin territory for your #Wanderlust. The rhapsodic satisfaction yielding from the sights and sounds of this

Rendille Warrior from Turkana Region

region is unmatched and innumerable! The lake is home to three National Parks that serve as a pit stop for the migrant waterfowl. These also form major breeding grounds for the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus and a variety of venomous snakes. Turkana isn’t shy to boast of its rich cultural heritage, stemming from the prehistoric years. The Koobi Fora region bears rich fossil deposits of Fossil remains and is home to ‘The Turkana Boy’s’ final resting place. Being the largest desert lake in the World, Lake Turkana is home to a number of breathtaking Islands and beaches, some of which will leave you feeling like you’re lost in an exotic location only seen in movies the beaches and springs are to die for.

Turkana is also home to a good number of nomadic pastoralist communities that are rich in culture and heritage including the Rendille, Samburu and Turkana peoples.

8-Days of Xtrym sights and landscapes

We all have this indigenous instinct to travel, wander, to disappear… however, on most occasions, we hardly ever get the time to do it. The timing of the #TurkanaOdyssey cannot be more opportune than this. Placed right after the Christmas festivities, this is bound to be the front-runner for the ‘road-trip of the year’ award. After spending your Christmas dining with family and friends, there’s nothing better than a good 8-day getaway in the outdoors.

The odyssey is not a point-A to point-B affair, Xtrym adventures has an intricate plan with scenic stops at various points including Kitale, Lodwar, Kalokol, Eliye springs, Eldoret and Baringo. This is more than a bargain, more than fun… I can’t help but want to fast-forward to the day for departure.

Going Xtrym: Teamwork means fun

Unlike your regular hotel holiday experience, the #TurkanaOdyssey is an outdoors camping experience. The best part about camping is putting heads and hands together to try and accomplish various tasks. My weak point is usually cooking ugali for a large group over the fireplace… so y’all better count me out! The trip is going to be broken down into various tasks and challenges which will be equitably allocated on a rota. As you get yourself ready for this epic trip, here’s a few things to bring with you:

  1. Large “Backpack or Duffel bag” (avoid suitcases)
  2. Swimming costume
  3. Head lamp
  4. Sleeping Bag or sheet set
  5. Personal effects (wash kit, sun-screen, slippers, soap, tissue paper, tooth brush + paste)
  6. Small day pack (bag) for excursions
  7. Hike & walking gear
  8. Camera (extra memory cards) spare batteries
  9. Clothing (for warm and cold zones)
  10. A hat and shades to shield from the sun
  11. Mosquito repellant
  12. Cash for personal use
  13. Anti-Malaria tablets (take before trip as well)
  14. Board games & Card games
  15. Power Bank and USB cables (phone charging etc)

For more details on the trip, Check out Xtrym Adventures’ facebook page.

Or call : Duncan on 0717261033 Or see the poster below…


*images courtesy of the internet.

PS: Only six (6) slots remaining!


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Soaring High! The Maasai Mara Ranks Top among Travel brands feted in the World Travel Awards

Home to the 8th wonder of the world, and one of the last few sites your can experience the Big Five in their flesh, the Maasai Mara continues to thrive as a top travel destination in the world. Located on the South-western wildernesses of Kenya, The Mara spills over with an endless diversity of incredibly intriguing plants, animals and ecosystems. The main highlight of the Mara is the spectacle of the annual wilderbeest migration which peaks in the months of July to October. With quite a number of hotels, game lodges, and camping sites, the Mara is a traveler’s haven… so much such that it was named the top national park, beating hundreds others from across the continent, in the 2017 World Travel Awards.

Curious Wildebeest in the Mara (Image source: Pixabay)

The World Travel Awards is an annual events gala, started in 1993 to celebrate the excellence in all key sectors of travel, tourism and hospitality. This awards gala is currently on its 24th anniversary, which is marked by a Grand tour across the world, honoring and rewarding top brands across the continents.

My homeland, Kenya… The home of champions… bagged quite a number of categories in this year’s World travel Awards Africa, held in Kigali, Rwanda. Among the Kenyan brands honored in the awards gala include:

  1. Kenya Airways – Africa’s Leading Airline 2017
  2. Kenya Airways – Africa’s Leading Airline – Business Class 2017
  3. Diani Beach, Kenya – Africa’s Leading Beach Destination 2017
  4. Port of Mombasa, Kenya – Africa’s Leading Cruise Port 2017
  5. Destination Kenya – Africa’s Leading Destination Management Company 2017
  6. Leopard Beach Resort & Spa, Kenya – Africa’s Leading Family Resort 2017
  7. Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Kenya – Africa’s Leading Hotel 2017
  8. Sirikoi, Kenya – Africa’s Leading Luxury Lodge 2017
  9. Finch Hattons, Kenya – Africa’s Leading Tented Safari Camp 2017
  10. Kenya Tourism Board – Africa’s Leading Tourist Board 2017
  11. Bonfire Adventures – Africa’s Leading Travel Agency 2017

These tourism/travel service providers must really have hacked their ‘How to be top’ assignments… and I’ll make it my next goal to experience every single one of them for all your sakes.

If you’ve had an experience with these legendary brands, tell me about it in the comments. Dont forget to spread the word.

Victory is super sweet!





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